My Favorite Backpacking Podcasts

Podcast are a great source of information from news, learning languages to backpacking. I discovered over a year ago a few podcasts from doing some searches on iTunes and below I am gonna list a few of my favorites.

“The First 40 Miles” with Josh and Heather Legler two amazing hosts that will teach you and relax you while listening to their fun outdoor stories and gear reviews, it’s a great podcast for new and advanced hikers/backpackers. Heather is a great singer, and funny to listen I am sure she will give you a smile on your face once you listen to her stories. Then there’s Josh who is the “science nerdy guy” describing in full details, materials and physics of backpacking gear. I am an avid listener of this podcast, the hosts became my friends while on my commute to work or home. I am wondering how will I be able to download their new episodes each Tuesday while on the trail, I definitely need some Josh and Heather with me on the PCT.


Sounds of the Trail an amazing podcast about stories of actual hikers from the PCT and the AT two hosts Gizmo and Kimchi. This podcast makes you feel like you’re hiking with them ha! They’re fun and raw they tell you how it really is on the trail. Same is for another great podcast called, Trailside Radio with the host and creator Ratatouille. Awesome topics are discussed with many hiker in these two podcasts from trail food, trail closures, inspirational hikers stories to pooping methods on the trail. Lots of fun!

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If you wanna check them out here’s a few links. I added a couple more podcasts that have been suggested to me that I only discovered recently. Once I’ve listened to a few more episodes… time permitting I will assure you I will provide a review. As of now I’ve enjoyed the episode of Josh & Heather Legler on “S’more Outdoor” podcast episode 056, If you’re curious to know what “The first 40 miles” is all about. Another episode you will enjoy is “Paul’s Boots” featured in “The Dirtbag Diaries” a production of  “Duct tape then beer” I can assure you it’ll make you cry, it’s an amazing and touching story A MUST LISTEN!

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