Organize & reorganize…

Many friends have asked me how I’ve prepared for this trip, well… below you will see some of the photos and things I’ve used. First and foremost I did lots of web research and found this amazing book YOGI’S which is considered the bible of the PCT. The author Jackie McDonnel writes in details about the trail, trail towns water reports etc. I highly reccomend this book to anyone willing to hike the PCT. I know there’s people doing differnet things to plan, but this is how i did it. If you have any question you can always message me and I can help you out :).

Here’s some of the books I’ve used to plan, lots of great and detailed information and some good  and interesting reads. #yogisbook #LNT #leavenotrace
Samples of a few days worth of food. I know some of the choises are really not healthy lol, but I am sure I will get enough calories and energy for me to keep going on the trail. #trailfood
A total of 25 boxes with food and a couple with gear necessary for the Sierra section with the bear container that my good friend is gonna mail at specific dates for me on the trail.

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