Digit Days

The countdown has started and it did a few months ago haha, but I realized it doesn’t make the time fly, the opposite, days have passed by really slowly…

It’s now Sunday April 24 and I will be departing to the west coast on Friday. Still 5 days to deal with haha. I will stop in Los Angeles for a couple of days and will be starting my hike on May 2nd.
Maybe a day at the beach? Who knows…

I’m now sitting at the Starbucks in Newport New Jersey enjoying the beautiful view of trees with pink blooms and the sparkling waters of the Hudson River dividing me from the skyline of New York City.

View of the #Freedomtower #NewYorkCity from #Newport #New Jersey 

The past week or so I’ve been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions from happiness to fear, from anxiety to total restlessness about starting my adventure. I know it’s just a normal process and once I will step my feet at the southern terminal of the PCT I know things will change and will change for the better ;).

I’ve just finalized all my things this week for my trip, everything is now packed and ready to go. My first food packages is already on its way to California yay!!!

My backpack is a bit heavy. I know… I can already hear all the other ultralight hiker yelling at me or give me a weird look while on the trail lol.
I made a decision to carry a few camera gear to document and keep my memories of this journey
I will eventually post a pic of what I’ll be carrying once on the trail and with some extra time in hand. It’s been hard for me to really decide what to bring for the ideal camera gear on the trail. I even searched on the wed for videos and websites but there’s really not much out there. So I did a bit of research myself and came out with a decent set up. I am now gonna carry with me exactly 8 lbs of camera gear including a carbon fiber tripod.


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