What is the Pct?

One of the many cool blaze to find on the #trail #pct 

The Pacific Crest Trail is a long stretch of hiking trail (about 2656 miles) crossing 3 states California, Oregon and Washington. It has its origins at the border of Mexico close to the small town of Campo in California and that ends in Canada, Manning Park a few miles north of the United States borders.
The PCT is part of the 3 long distance thru-hiking trails of the United States including the Appalachian Trail ( 2190 miles crossing 14 states) also known as the green tunnel. It starts in Springer mountain in the state of Georgia and ends in Maine at the top of mount Katahdin in Baxter state park. The last long distance hike in trail is the Continental Divided Trail (3100 miles) the longest and toughest of the 3 hikes. It’s motto is “hike the brutality of the CDT” :). It starts at the Mexican borders of New Mexico at the Crazy Cook Monument and ends in Canada Glacier National Park crossing 5 different states.

Triple crown is an award given to a hikers that have thru-hiked the entire length of all 3 trails AT-CDT-PCT.

Below for all the curious people I have attached a map of the full trail of the PCT

Detailed Map of the #PacificCrestTrail. Thank you @Halfmile’s Maps


Thank you to #Halfmile’s PCT Maps and to the #PCTA for sharing this detailed map of the PCT



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