Walking Unafraid

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.34.32 PM.pngFriends and family are all telling me, “enjoy your vacation!”. It can be seen as a vacation if you think I’ll be without a job for 5 months but this thru-hike is mostly and adventure. An adventure full of beauty, fun, new friends, surprises, obstacles, fears, struggle, pain, and hopefully enlightenment.

During my months of long preparation I’ve come to realize that I will be facing many difficulties. These will include long stretches of hot dry deserts with little or no water, rattle snakes, bears, possible mountain lions, scorpions, mosquitos, poisonous plants, bad weather, ford crossing, hitchhiking, high altitude sickness, strenuous hike on mountain passes reaching above 13,000 feet, sleeping alone in the middle of the wilderness, blisters, getting lost etc…

I was honesty really scared at first but after reading about these challenges on the trail and proper researches on the web, YouTube and books, I’ve learned that many of these issues can be faced and controlled with proper caution and critical thinking skills.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I will be a pussy at times but this is the reason of this adventure, is to try to face some of my fears and grow from them. Often when I go to bed I think, hmm what will happen if…. and my minds rumbles of constant thoughts and try to find either a solution or just sleep on it haha!

Putting the bad things aside, this trails offer the most beautiful sceneries which I’m sure they will make up any bad situations :). The community of people hiking this trail is for what I’ve heard really amazing, in fact I can’t wait to meet new friends with the same interests and to share stories around the campfire.

Trail Angels are a big thing on these trails. They are some awesome open-hearted people who every year help hikers with food, shelter, shower, wi-fi, laundry and infinite love to give. They don’t want anything in return except for a small donation and politeness and kindness from all of us. Who knows maybe one day in the future I would like to do the same :).


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